Our Facilities And Programs

Our Facilities

The Murrysville Gun Club maintains the following facilities for members and their guests:

  • 50 meter competition grade outdoor rifle range (covered shooting benches with lights)
  • 100 yard outdoor rifle range (covered shooting benches)
  • 25 yard outdoor pistol range
  • Outdoor trap range with two trap houses
  • Outdoor archery range
  • 50 foot indoor competition small bore rifle range
  • 25 foot indoor competition air rifle range
  • Heated club house with teaching facilities, restrooms and kitchenette
  • Outdoor restrooms


Our Programs

The club provides numerous shooting programs to youth and adults at minimal or no cost.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Jr. competition small bore rifle programs
  • Adult competition small bore rifle team
  • Trap shooting team
  • 3 annual NRA registered competition matches
  • Regular PA certified hunters safety courses
  • Handgun and rifle safety training programs
  • Day before hunting – free open house to anyone who wants to sight in their firearm and receive safety and marksmanship tips

All youth safety and marksmanship programs are open to anyone in the community, club membership is not required. Contact us for more information.

A club member also provides the podcast and website The New Hunters Guide as a free resource for new hunters and for experienced hunters considering pursuing new types of game.